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Santander is an international banking group, headquartered in Spain, offering retail and commercial banking services to more than 100 million customers around the world. It has a presence in Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa and Asia, providing financial products and services such as savings accounts, mortgages, credit cards, loans, and insurance. Santander also offers investment banking and asset management services.

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Santander outages reported by users in the last 24 hours

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This chart shows the number of Santander outages/problems reported by users in the past 24 hours. All data in the chart is in the UTC time zone.

Santander Outage Locations



Last Reported

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Cagayan de Oro, Northern Mindanao, PH


18 days ago

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Waltham Forest, England, GB


20 days ago

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Edinburgh, Scotland, GB


25 days ago

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Lisburn, Northern Ireland, GB


1 months ago

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Pathanāmthitta, Kerala, IN


2 months ago

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Paris, Île-de-France, FR


2 months ago

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Wrexham, Wales, GB


3 months ago

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Rome, Lazio, IT


3 months ago

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Pawtucket, Rhode Island, US


4 months ago

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Kızıltoprak, Istanbul, TR


4 months ago

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Bill Pay


Account Balances

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Status Code

27 May 2024 - 01:05

no response


26 May 2024 - 16:00

no response


26 May 2024 - 10:58

no response


26 May 2024 - 00:43

no response


25 May 2024 - 13:27

no response


24 May 2024 - 18:50

no response


24 May 2024 - 18:50

no response


This table shows the outage requests and response browser checks executed automatically by the SiteDown service. All data in the table is in the UTC time zone. If Santander is down or slow for you. You can try using a VPN service(to try from a different location) and also check the Tips below

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  • Check your Firewall & Antivirus: These can occasionally block access to certain websites or services. To troubleshoot this issue, you may consider temporarily disabling them to see if it resolves the problem.

  • Clear DNS Cache: To speed things up, all OS systems save name resolution information into the DNS cache. In your case, the information recorded could be outdated or incorrect. We advise you to search on How-To guides on the web to clear your DNS Cache.

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GB Flag Icon


Bradford, United Kingdom 3 weeks ago

Mobile app won't let me log in

GB Flag Icon

Edinburgh, United Kingdom 3 weeks ago

Mobile and Online banking down just now

GB Flag Icon

Glasgow, United Kingdom 4 weeks ago

When is santander going to be fixed tonight

GB Flag Icon

Manchester, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Cannot log into Santander using their app on my smartphone this morning
I've uninstalled and reinstalled tje app on my phone but still cannot log in.
I get a message to say a pass code has been sent to my phone but this has never arrived.
I know Santander has done some work to upgrade the app so this issue could be associated with the upgrade

GB Flag Icon

Lisburn, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Haven't been able to lodge money for near a week, Portadown

GB Flag Icon

St Helens, United Kingdom 2 months ago

Sainsbury’s not excepting Santander debit cards

GB Flag Icon

Liz Campbell

Craigavon, United Kingdom 2 months ago

I've been trying all morning and can't log in to my account.

GB Flag Icon

V Steele

Belfast, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Not all sections of the website are working and a technical issue message is in place. Balance transfer link is down.

GB Flag Icon

Daniel Warner

Peterborough, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Can't go in bank to withdraw money as server is down in Kettering

GB Flag Icon

Tina Jones

Wrexham, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Money went into my account last night it is not showing in my balance

GB Flag Icon

Diane Osborne

Widnes, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Husband trying to send me money from his HSBC bank but not showing on my account and not coming off his balance.

GB Flag Icon

Bathgate, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Money transfer

GB Flag Icon

Z Machin

Mansfield, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Money transferred from a Santander account has not been received into another online account

GB Flag Icon

Wigan, United Kingdom 3 months ago

trying to pay bills and keep getting a payment declined message, even though I have funds in the bank and have had the payments verified via the app.

GB Flag Icon

David Laycock

Hartlepool, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Can't log on, tried several devices all the same. Tried logging on to another High Street bank and all OK so the problem is with Santander not my equipment or network

GB Flag Icon

Wandsworth, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Can’t logon to personal banking

GB Flag Icon

Janet R

Rochdale, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Can't log in to business account. Live in Cumbria

GB Flag Icon

Wembley, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Unable to login

GB Flag Icon


Worksop, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Can't login to Santander on laptop. Grrr.

GB Flag Icon

D. Plummer

London, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Unable to log on to online banking since 9.30am

GB Flag Icon

steve h

Northampton, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Unable to access

GB Flag Icon

Peter Blyth

Clapham, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Cannot access my personal and business accounts online

GB Flag Icon


Enfield, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Can't login using online banking. Transfer failed on mobile 1st attempt but went through on the 2nd attempt

GB Flag Icon

Wood Green, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Login page empties login fields after pressing enter

GB Flag Icon


Harringay, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Unable to log in after providing credentials.
Site not responding after pressing the log in key.
Same problem yesterday. Worked after 10am yesterday.

GB Flag Icon

Melane Malpas

Sandy, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Not able to cash a cheque in my local branch this morning due to systems being down, just having to wait

TR Flag Icon

Alan Bryant

Kızıltoprak, Turkey 4 months ago

Online banking Santander ,unable to log in since 08.00 till now 13.33 tried apple device ,windows device and android device

GB Flag Icon

Cheltenham, United Kingdom 4 months ago

App won’t open

GB Flag Icon


Bradford, United Kingdom 6 months ago

Online bank not working.

GB Flag Icon

Truro, United Kingdom 6 months ago

Has Santander been offline all day today. If so when is it likely to come back on?

GB Flag Icon

Lisa myrie

Coventry, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 7 months ago

I can't transfer money to another account.can't make payments with my card

GB Flag Icon

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 8 months ago

Login is timing out

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