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Aldi Logo is a discount supermarket chain that provides customers with affordable grocery items, as well as a range of other products and services. The company offers weekly Specialbuys, which are items available for a limited time only, as well as everyday low prices on thousands of items. Customers can shop for groceries online and in-store, with delivery options available for online orders.

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Watford, England, GB


3 days ago

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Llanelli, Wales, GB


5 days ago

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Glasgow, Scotland, GB


2 months ago

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12 Apr 2024 - 17:57

no response


12 Apr 2024 - 11:20

no response


12 Apr 2024 - 03:35

no response


11 Apr 2024 - 07:24

no response


10 Apr 2024 - 17:20

no response


10 Apr 2024 - 17:20

no response


10 Apr 2024 - 11:08

no response


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  • Check your Firewall & Antivirus: These can occasionally block access to certain websites or services. To troubleshoot this issue, you may consider temporarily disabling them to see if it resolves the problem.

  • Clear DNS Cache: To speed things up, all OS systems save name resolution information into the DNS cache. In your case, the information recorded could be outdated or incorrect. We advise you to search on How-To guides on the web to clear your DNS Cache.

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No name

Watford, United Kingdom 3 days ago

Cant get in from last night

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Watford, United Kingdom 3 days ago

Cant log in

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Llanelli, United Kingdom 5 days ago

Payment doesn't go through

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Derby, United Kingdom 6 days ago

Keep getting errors on the click and collect. Tried tablet and desk top but cannot load anything into basket

GB Flag Icon

James Livingstone

Chipping Norton, United Kingdom 3 weeks ago

Groceries down, just shows 503error

GB Flag Icon

Hayling Island, United Kingdom 3 weeks ago

Won't let me make payment

GB Flag Icon


Stone, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Payment page not loading after I’ve put all of my bank details in

GB Flag Icon

Julie Clarke

Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Click and collect won’t work. Keeps saying error when I select a location and won’t show any items to add to cart

GB Flag Icon

C A Bradford

Rugby, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Ordering a click and collect late afternoon. Unable to checkout as the 'checkout securely' button kept freezing

GB Flag Icon

E Turner

Sleaford, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Unable to login with current username and password. Site comes up but just refreshes when login information is entered.

GB Flag Icon

Matt M

Merthyr Tydfil, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Click & Collect down

GB Flag Icon


Loughborough, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Click and collect t down?

GB Flag Icon

Newham, United Kingdom 1 month ago

Issues with checkout, card payment processed but no confirmation or confirmed order

GB Flag Icon


Croydon, United Kingdom 2 months ago

App not working

GB Flag Icon

Lydia Havers

Croydon, United Kingdom 2 months ago

Can’t checkout

GB Flag Icon


Maidstone, United Kingdom 2 months ago

Can’t log into account to continue online shopping

GB Flag Icon


Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom 2 months ago

Site allows me to log on but my previous orders will not come up and when I try searching for an item to start an order it says no results.

GB Flag Icon


St Austell, United Kingdom 2 months ago

Not connecting to bank to do authorisation to allow me to place order

GB Flag Icon

Ruth Muirhead

Llanhilleth, United Kingdom 2 months ago

Refusal to update. Says service not available. Page says "adding products to range please try again in a few moments" That was hours ago.

GB Flag Icon


London, United Kingdom 2 months ago

Finalising click and collect for tomorrow and website now down for several hours with 503 message displayed, saying they were taking delivery of fresh goods and to check again in a few moments! O presume my changes have not been updated so no point in collecting anything.

GB Flag Icon

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom 2 months ago

Loads website but it's unusable, riddled with error

GB Flag Icon

Julie smith

Manchester, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Keeps telling me I am offline or app not working

GB Flag Icon


Bromsgrove, United Kingdom 3 months ago

not showing recent orders to reorder

GB Flag Icon

Bedford, United Kingdom 3 months ago

It has gone down

GB Flag Icon

Birmingham, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Can't load Aldi groceries home page

GB Flag Icon

Carol Wilson

London, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Unable to access groceries or click and collect slots

GB Flag Icon

Warwick, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Says error when searching a product

GB Flag Icon


Brighton, United Kingdom 3 months ago

Keeps on saying error
I cannot update my Fridays click and collect list

GB Flag Icon

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom 3 months ago

I can not login and shop on Click and collect, I have been trying since Sunday and it is now Wednesday, is there a problem with the site ?

GB Flag Icon

Michael Dennis

Littlehampton, United Kingdom 4 months ago

Every time I try to open a page pertaining to a particular food group e.g. white wines, I get an error page

GB Flag Icon

Elaine Naylor

Blackheath, United Kingdom 4 months ago

Aldi Shop & Go app not responding

GB Flag Icon


Hounslow, United Kingdom 5 months ago

We are just taking delivery of some fresh content. Won’t be long

Error 403

GB Flag Icon

Keith Williams

Potters Bar, United Kingdom 6 months ago

Keeps stating I’m offline, when I’m not. This has been happening for a few months?

GB Flag Icon


Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 6 months ago

No option to log into Aldi's?

 Flag Icon

judith cave

, 8 months ago

website click and collect constantly asking me to login even though I was logged in and on my account page - unable to place anything in the shopping basket

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